What currencies can I pay with?

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Diamaan Gueye
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Since we are blockchain-based investment platform, we promote being able to make investments in offerings with crypto currency. We currently accept payments made with Bitcoin, USDt, L-BTC, L-USDt and Euro.

As long as you have a wallet holding your crypto, you can connect it with our platform and easily make payments using whichever type you desire. If you would like to pay with Euros, this is easy as well. You must be based in an EEA country (a country in the EU) and pass a verification check with our payment provider. 

While we facilitate the versatility in what you can pay with, not all offerings will be the same in what they will accept as payment. This information will be laid out in the STO detail page in the "Fast Facts" section under "Currencies". See an example below:



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